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At GiftMyTrip, we bring travelers, hotel owners, charities and nonprofits together for a cause to raise donations on every trip. We bring to you more than seven lakh hotel accommodations, destinations and adventurers. GiftMyTrip customer always get the lowest price, exceptional customer service, and a travel brand you can trust.

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Challenging times for
those in need.

More than 2 million children are dying of hunger, 2 million are out of school and 1 million children do not have shelter. Ten million nonprofits and charities are working to provide food, shelter and education to these children across the globe. Forty-two percent of them do not
have the right mix of financial resources to thrive and be effective.1 in 4 nonprofits have cash-on-hand 30 days or less which lasts only for 30 days or less. They lack resource and means to raise donations in the digital

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A fundraising platform for
our times - easy and smart.

Every minute, globally 12 million hotels are searched, 1 million hotels are booked. Even if $1 is donated on every hotel booking, it will be one million dollars in a minute, an important money needed for those nonprofits & charities. GiftMyTrip has developed a revolutionary fundraising platform that raises money for nonprofits & charity. Every time a traveler books a hotel, flight ticket, car rental, vacation package, holiday package or travel insurance, GiftMyTrip donates up to 5% of the booking amount to the nonprofits & charities listed on the platform at
no extra cost to the travelers. 

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Nonprofits & causes

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